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Jumat, 01 Juni 2018

DataBroker DAO - Create Money With Your Own Data

Since the development of internet has grown really out of the pool, a lot of entrepreneurs, researchers, governments etc are realize that data is a crucial aspects. We can see what really happened in our society, not stopped over there, by learning data, we also can predict about the future. What will be the trend of shopping, what is next summer fashion icon, what is the next year gadget the consumer will use etc.

The power of data is the key for everyone to survive in this competitive world. Realizing that fact, there is a platform called DataBrokerDao, a platform the offer a marketplace that provide loT sensor owners to monetize their data with a clear path.

Data collected by researchers, entrepreneur, government etc. are walking on their own paper, imagine there is a book that will bridge all of the data, we believe incredible value will emerge for human kind all over the world.

Using the power of Blockchain and smart contract, the data owner can pick a place to sale their data for the costumer, after the costumer met the right data with their need, they can purchase the data and after that the data owner will send the data to the costumer.

Speaking of data, one simple question comes up to the surface, who will sell and buy the data? Here is the answer:

Who will sell the data?

The developer of:

And who are interested to buy the data?
  1. Government
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Academics
  4. Environmental agencies
  5. Energy Corporation
  6. National weather service

Token Sale
Since Dataroker DAO are now running the ICO, you can be a part of new era of data, feel free to step by into Databroker DAO website and social media here:

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