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Selasa, 29 Mei 2018

Facebook Scandal and Data Theft Solution by Pdata Platform

Today, the world has been overwhelmed by internet data theft scandals. One of the cases of data theft of internet users the most widely discussed is the scandal of data theft of Facebook users. The problem faced by Facebook is the theft of tens of millions of users facebook data by involving third parties. The Guardian reports Cambridge Analytica using Facebook users data, for commercial purposes. All the data is collected through an application, created by Aleksandr Kogan. Through its company Global Science Research (GSR), Kogan collaborated with Cambridge Analytica by paying hundreds of thousands of Facebook users to undergo personality testing and agreeing their data was taken for academic interest. In addition, the application also collects information from test-taker friends on Facebook, which causes the accumulation of data tens of millions of users. Facebook is reported to have long known the problem, but did not take serious steps to overcome it.

Data theft is certainly very disturbing Internet users, because things like this can also occur in various other services such as google, twitter, and other service services that store personal data Internet users. This is certainly very detrimental to internet users, because of course some of the data that has been stolen merupkan data bersatif privatif that can not be in the know by many people, or important data that is confidential.

For that there must be a service that bridges this gap, so that internet users can avoid the losses caused by internet user data theft. Now it will be available a platform that will address the problems ini.Platform that will solve this problem is pdata Platform.

Pdata Platfom is a platform that will trade personal data of internet users with a decentralized system using blockchain technology. Trafficked data is in the form of web browsing data, location data, data from social media-imposed devices, online shopping behavior data, or other data data. By using this platform, users can determine what data will be provided, and users will get paid from the provision of data in the form of Pdata Token. Then with this platform users will directly connect with your partner company, thus ensuring the security and privacy of your data. With this platform all parties will feel advantaged, because internet users can freely determine what data can be taken and get paid from the provision of such data. On the other hand, companies also easily and legally obtain the necessary data.

This platform will be a platform that will be successful, because with the this platform, the phenomenon of data theft will soon be resolved. Now, Pdata Token is doing ICO until June 15, 2018. For more information and token purchase information please visit to
Official Website : https://opiria.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/pdatatoken
ANN Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076122.0 

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