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Minggu, 27 Mei 2018

Earn Passive Income Easily and Safely With Pdata Platform

In the 21st century, the world has turned into a world where the role of technology is very influential in the aspects of global society. This change certainly raises new commodities in the world economy. And the commodity that now has very important existence is "data". In the 21st century, data has become an important and very strategic commodity. Data will be useful to serve as a benchmark for companies around the world to know a lot about their customers and prospects, including consumer behavior, personal data, consumer trends and so on. These important data are needed to design an appropriate product, provide innovative services, set target markets, or as a marketing reference. The huge potential of this data, of course, makes the data as a commodity estimated to be worth USD 250 MILLAR per year.

Today, many institutions are stealing and collecting consumer personal data without the knowledge and consent of consumers. Furthermore, the stolen data will be collected and will be sold at a fantastic price to the companies in need. This happens in many cases, including in the scandalous leak of facebook user data used by cambidge analytica to help win president Donald Trum in the 2016 presidential election.

That's why Opiria built. Opiria is a platform where users can easily trade their personal data through a system that is well-designed and secure by using blockchain technology. In the opiria platform, users can directly connect with companies with C2B systems. Companies can request your personal data such as web browsing data, location data, data from wearables, social media usage data, and online shopping behavior data then if the user agrees to share the data, the user will be paid using Pdata token. Blockchain technology used by this platform, will ensure the privacy of your data will be completely protected. On the other hand, the company will get the original data, accurate, and fast.

Opiria platform has been used by big companies such as Audi, P & G, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, Gm, Nissan, Volkswagen, Intel, and BMW. For that reason immediately join the ICO Pdata platform program that will run until June 15, 2018. For more information and token purchase information, please visit


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